Monday, April 21, 2008

8K and counting

I don't know how to post this to not sound like I'm bragging - except that I am bragging on God.

5,000 copies of Caminando con Proposito have already been shipped to locations throughout Latin America. Rick Warren will be speaking to 3,000 pastors in Mexico in May or June of this year and has requested that each pastor receive a copy as well.

That means 8,000 churches will be impacted by this material. 8K! and counting.

Go God!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rants in April

So... how come we like sin? And continue in it even when someone exposes that we are up to our eyes in it?

It's kind of like elephant manure that we ignore. It's there, we're stepping in it, around it, trying to avoid it, but the stench is so great it cannot be ignored. We've got it on our hands, on our feet, on our clothes - and yet we deny it even exists!

Are we that blind to what the accuser is doing?

Just asking a question...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pastor Appreciation Month

October has become pastor appreciation month and the people around Grace really know how to appreciate their pastors. It always humbles me. I'm not in this for the huge salary nor for the recognition. So it blows me away to think that people actually appreciate what we do.

After several years of working in churches that seemed more like "Sunday Morning Fights" (perhaps you've seen it on ESPN), it's been an adjustment to be part of a church that actually gets along with the pastoral staff - some even "get it!" (the whole NT Idea about the staff equipping the people for works of ministry, etc.)

Thanks for the many expressions of kindness shown to our staff, myself and our families! Even scored a couple of Starbuck's cards!! Woo-Hoo!

People of Grace - YOU ROCK!

5.8 mile

Yes, that's right. 5.8 miles this morning.

Took Mick out for 1.5 and brought him back to the house. It was 41 degrees.
Then went out for another 4.3. Saw Brenda and Patty, I think. At least we spoke like it was them. (I never wear my contacts that early) It was 39 degrees.

Felt good to be back up in mileage again. Since last month's episode with the hip bursa sac, no need to go into that - just know it was painful, I've been limiting my mileage.

Apparently it's helped. My pace Wednesday morning was under my last race pace. Only by 10 seconds, but still - I'll take anything when it comes to reducing my pace.

Now if I could just reduce my waist!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nehemiah Reading

This morning's reading in Nehemiah caused me to pray for all who are leading in the cause of Christ and find people opposed to them often. The opposition doesn't like the music they do. They don't like the clothes they wear or the lack of suits and ties. And the opposition might not like the fact that other churches are growing when their institution is not.

Nehemiah stands as a pre-Christ model of a suffering servant. He continues to provide for the people, giving almost all he can, leading to the best of his ability and still he has opposition.

Take heart. As I've said before, you're in good company.